Jazz Music Added to Opening Slideshow:
For your listening enjoyment, I have added a little jazz to the main slide show featuring yours truly on Tenor Saxophone playing "Blue In Green", a Miles Davis classic! To mute simply drag your mouse over the slide show and press the speaker icon or mute your PC.

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“My worldly existence is accelerating without limit and ultimately my life will end via events that I cannot control. The lens and shutter give me the ability to isolate an instant and my perception of god’s creation will live for eternity.” - Ralph Grant!

Darrell Delaney(non-registered)
Ralph, your pictures are very impressive! I also a photography nut and love to see what others have done with their art. Thanks.
Amy Gallatin(non-registered)

I am one of many owners of your photo of our white barn on Boenker Lane.

It is absolutely beautiful and I love it.

The Boenker farm has been in our family now for over 75 years and you truly captured it at it's finest.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed browsing these beautiful and captivating photographs this evening. Phun with Photons!
Gregg Dougan(non-registered)
ralph nice work, did not get thru all of your work, but clearly you have a talent. I'll be back. I will show this to my boss mark franklin, he is an avid photographer. Of course I don't know anything about what he has equipment wise but he has some nice photo's in his office that I often admire.
God's Image Photography ~ St Louis Family Photographer
Very Impressed with your work!! Love the HDR..